Anisha Bhatt

Experience Designer


Clustering Tool

for Pricing Analysts

Visualization and Linking stores are important aspects of a Pricing Analyst process to analyze competitive landscape and arrive at insights to enable key pricing decisions. To let Pricing analysts visualize, Link and Ghost Competitor stores around Kroger stores to aid Store Clustering.

Duration: 3 Months                  Role: UX Designer

Team: Project Manager, Product Owner, UX Designer, Five Developers

ThoughtWorks Internship

To re-imagine the visitor's office experience across all the ThoughtWorks offices while applying lean and service design principles to support agile software development.

Empathy Design Labs Internship

To design the whole experience around a wearable pregnancy monitor for daily monitoring of pregnancy which included designing the look and feel of the device.


An Augmented reality-based technical assistant which helps the user to be technical independent while facing technical issues at home.


Prescribe is a niche medical prescription app which lets the patients buy their medication according to the prescription given.

Redesigning First-aid Kit

This redesigned first aid kit acts as an organizer for the user. It not only helps you keep the content of the first aid but also reminds you when you don’t have it in your first aid kit.

National Institute of Design Website

Designing website for the National Institute of Design, Andhra Pradesh

Designing for PARAMEDICS

To Design for efficient database management of patients Information, from on-site treatment to transit to hospitals.