Wearable for Pregnant women

About the Project

The major deliverable was to design the whole experience around the product which included designing the look and feel of the device and the patch.




Daily Pregnancy monitor: Its a non-invasive and wearable pregnancy monitor for daily monitoring of pregnancy. It will provide alerts and suggestions for expecting parents for timely action. Our priority is to reach all expecting parents in developing and developed countries.




First Time pregnant parents & Parents with a history of stillbirth

Timeline: 8 weeks 

Project type: Internship project

Tool: User Research, Personas, Ideation/Sketching, Storyboarding, Paper Prototyping, Hi-Fi Mockups

My Role: Product Designer

Research + Analysis

After deciding on the overall timeline of the internship project, The secondary and primary research was done in order to know the target user well.


For Primary research, an open-ended personal interview was used as a major tool to build personas to get the pain points and motivations of each persona. Those pain points and motivations helped us in the basic features, the design needs to have to make it user-friendly. Secondary research included competitive benchmarking.


The objective of the Personal Interviews:


  • To know about her lifestyle/ daily routine, So as to know how the patch and the device can become a part of it, effortlessly.


  • To know about the activities and the experiences, she relates to in order to take inspiration from that and inculcate those similar experiences in the product in order to fit it into her life seamlessly.


  • To know about the participation of the husband and the family members To have information about the physical limitations and capabilities while using the product during the day.


  • Data collection for empathy maps and user journey mapping - to know there pain points, frustrations, goals and motivations?


  • Observation of her postures, how she(or husband) touches her belly, and what kind of movements are most common, so as to have the sticking of the patch in accordance to that posture and movements.


Research tools: Personal interviews, Observation(fly on the wall)

User Personas

Research Insights

Ideation + Solution

Form Exploration

Further developments of the product cannot be shown because of the non - disclosure agreement.